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March 26, 2006


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Nathan Dintenfass

Good advice, overall, but I can't help but play a bit of a devil's advocate here. In some cases a company really will have a hard time selling until they take professional money -- in the mind of a prospective customer having a VC firm they have heard of jump on board does a lot to quiet fears about whether some new company is going to be here next year (let alone next month!). In other cases (most, perhaps) raising money is a full-time job -- you say "if you have time to call me you have time to call customers", and there is some truth to that, certainly. But, for every 1 hour meeting you give an entrepreneur that person had to spend many other hours just getting that meeting with you in many cases, and certainly is spending many hours on getting and responding to meetings with other potential investors. In lots of cases, companies that are far enough along that they can be out there getting non-trivial revenue with real market traction aren't the ones who need to be talking to a professional VC anyway. The pre-revenue situation might not be as simple as you paint it here.


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Garrett French

There's a good chance a given company's employees are already marketing... I wrote about optimizing employee generated content here:

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